Home Worship Ideas

Worship Where You Are

There are many ways to worship from home. You can gather with others in the household or be in solitude. Either way, consider opening with prayer, much like our communal gathering during church services.

Next, read from the Bible. Consider using the daily lectionary which contains three readings.

Consider a time for music, either aloud or in your heart. You might sing a favorite hymn or praise song, play an instrument, or music from an electronic device. If children are present, invited them to sing a song from Sunday School as well.

Offer prayers for loved ones and others throughout our world who are in need. Consider using the ELCA Prayer Ventures for this month to help guide your prayers.

To conclude your worship, say the Lord’s Prayer.


Pray together or in solitude:
-  Use the ELCA Prayer Ventures to guide your prayers (Attached)
-  Offer your own prayers of the heart. No need to worry about getting the words just right, simply
pray what’s on your heart at this time.
-  Pray through a church directory or address book. Each day offer prayers for a different group
of people from your document of names.
-  Pray through movement. Pray before you exercise, offering thanks to God for your health and
abilities. When you have completed your exercise offer another prayer.

Be Community at a Distance

Remember to call, text, or email friends and family. Discuss Bible readings, pray together over the phone, and offer support through the use of communication devices.

For great ideas for children

visit Camp Mount Luther’s site:


Consider using an App, such as YouVersion or Bible Gateway for Bible reading plans as well as access to various translations of the Bible.