“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!”   (1Cor 1:3)

   We find ourselves amidst the changing of seasons.  Spring is soon upon us, yet winter lingers on.  Lent is in full swing, yet we find ourselves longing and preparing for Easter.  Sometimes these transitions happen almost unknowingly and other times there is a stark shift that draws our attention.  But God assures us that there is a season for everything and God’s timing for all activities is just at the right moment in time.   

Our Lenten journey is showing us that there is always a time for asking questions.  Questions are asked throughout scripture with a variety of purposes, some with answers, and some with more questions.  It is appropriate that we should ask questions of God, of one another, and of ourselves, for this how we grow in our faith, better understand one another and explore the world around us.  

The transitions of seasons also gives us the opportunity to ask questions.  What is going well?  What could use a refresh?  How might we allow new life to spring forth?  As we asked ourselves these questions during our planning for Holy Week, we felt the Spirit guiding us to refresh the traditions and be open to new things that might sprout new shoots in our worship life together.  On Palm Sunday, also called the Sunday of the Passion, we begin our worship in celebration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, but then we allow the story of Holy Week to unfold and shape the rest of our worship.  Join us on Maundy Thursday to enjoy a new  way to worship, we’ll share a meal together that will include breaking bread and drinking from the cup given to us by Christ at his last meal. We’ll end with prayer time with Jesus in the garden. On Good Friday, we’ll  accompany Jesus through the moments of his day following the questions that are asked.  Then finally on Easter morning, when the tomb is empty, we will rejoice as Christ is Risen!   

May this season of transition be a time of heightened awareness of the presence of the Holy in our lives, in our community, and within God’s creation.    


Pastor Karla