“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (1Cor 1:3)!

As we head into the Fall season and return to in- person worship, we give thanks to God for our community of faith. The Fall always bring with it a newness, a renewal of worship, a new school year, and a new season of change.

This Fall is no different as we are able to gather once again to worship together, although it looks and feels a little different. Next week a new Catechism class begins with 9 students and on October 4th, Children’s Sunday School will resume with a renewed Sunday School room. We will be trying something different with Sunday School this fall with having a single service. The children will come to worship with their parents at 9 and stay for the beginning of worship which will be child friendly. After the Children’s message, they will go with the Sunday School teachers to the Sunday School Room for a lesson. We will also be exploring new ways to engage in Youth and Adult Bible Study programs later in the Fall.

Throughout the month of August, we looked at the scriptures through the lens of our Mission statement, considering how we currently live out God’s mission in our community and in the world. The scriptures in the lectionary for the Fall continue to allow us to explore life with God, living in the Kingdom of Heaven. Through the parables in the gospel of Matthew, we will explore forgiveness, the ways of God, the brokenness of our world, producing good fruit for the kingdom, and the Great banquet in which all are invited! Through listening to the teachings of Jesus, our lives too can be renewed so that we are open to presence in our lives and how we are being called to do God’s work with our hands.

No matter how long we have lived a life with God, there is always so much more God has to show and teach us about living and loving both God and one another. May this fall season be a time of renewal in our lives that we can experience life with God and each other more fully, more lovingly, and more peacefully.



Vicar Karla S. Leiby

Cell (570) 854-3919